Healthy New Yorkers

We can MUST improve our healthcare system by ensuring greater coverage, lowering costs, and achieving better outcomes. We have an opportunity in New York State to ensure healthier and happier lives for our residents, and to provide a model for the rest of the country when it comes to healthcare. As a healthcare provider, I know what works for patients, how to retain and attract quality providers to New York, and what healthcare policies will benefit every New Yorker.

Jobs and Local Economy

New York - Innovate and Thrive

The pandemic has created a crisis for workers and small businesses, exposing challenges that we as a state and a nation have in competing and leading in the marketplace. As a small business owner, I know intimately the difficult landscape that currently exists in New York for the businesses who make up the backbone of our economy. We need to create an environment that attracts and retains businesses in New York that know the strengths of diversity, and which hires the best and brightest, with good paying jobs and growth opportunities.


Our Kids, Families, and Teachers

As a professor in a doctorate program, community healthcare educator, and parent of teenager, I’ve met the most amazing people in the world - our kids and our teachers. Right now, students, teachers, and parents all face challenges in many facets of education: shortage of resources, operational challenges, ensuring safety, and supporting every child in their learning. The pandemic has exposed and magnified the challenges of our must vulnerable students. We need to ensure resources and support for students, parents, and teachers alike.

Environmental Policy

Sustainable New York

New York has as much natural resource and beauty as any place on Earth. We need to ensure clean water, air, and soil for every New Yorker - present and future, because our environment not only directly affects our health, but our economy and personal finances as well. We have a tremendous opportunity to lead the country with an environmental policy that will create good paying, sustainable new jobs to support working families, and help turn the tide against costly effects of extreme weather due to climate change that negatively affects our farmers, homeowners, and every other New York resident.

Affordable Housing

Home Ownership = Wealth Creation for New Yorkers

Homeownership is the primary vehicle that low and moderate-income families utilize to build wealth and financial stability. Even before the pandemic, the disparity for BIPOC homeownership rates rose to its highest in 50 years. Increasing opportunities for homeownership is a key component in reversing the wealth gap for New Yorkers.

Public Safety and Criminal Justice Reform

Safe and Just New York

Every New Yorker, no matter who you are, or where you live, deserves to be safe and feel safe. The most basic human needs are personal safety and shelter. By reimagining public safety we can create criminal justice reform that reduces incarceration and enhances public safety.Through diversity in hiring and creating an inclusive work environment, we can attract candidates into law enforcement who are representative of, and part of the fabric of our communities.

Dr. Ammitai Worob for New York State Senate
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